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hi. my name’s lily, and i’m your typical high school kid growing up in the suburbs. what makes me stand out though is that i have a mild case of autism.

it was hard to deal with when i was younger since i got bullied a lot for the way i walked and spoke, but now that i’ve gotten older, people around me, especially my family, have been very supportive.

this blog will be my diary for random things that happen in my life.

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Boys are confusing…I don’t understand them! One minute they’re all sweet and gentleman-ly, the next minute they’re grumpy and mean. If you have guy friends, I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about. Guys are pretty fun to hang around with, but they can be grumpy around you for no reason at all! Sometimes, they can be pretty inconsiderate too—don’t even get me started with boyfriends. Fighting with a boyfriend is a thousand times worse than fighting with a guy friend.

I try to avoid boy drama as much as possible—it’s not fun! It sucks big time. Every girl I know and have talked with agrees that fighting with a boyfriend or a guy you’re crushing on is no fun. Speaking from experience, I know how upsetting it can be to fight with a guy you like. However, I learned that the best way to get over that feeling is to talk to the guy about it and work things out. That way, you’ll both be able to settle your differences with the least headache (or heartache) as possible. Gosh, I feel like an adult saying that.

However, it’s not only fighting with a boyfriend or a crush that can upset us—it could be that the guy we love or like are just plainly rude or mean. In such cases, I think it is best to just let it slide; to not let his rude behavior get the best of you. If you’re in a relationship with a guy who’s mean or abusive to you, the best thing to do is to break it off with him (The same can be said for guys, if your girlfriend is abusive and mean…break up with her!). If you can’t trust someone, best not be in a relationship with him/her too. There’s simply no point being with someone whom you constantly doubt. If a guy has cheated on you in the past, chances are, he’ll cheat again. As they say, once a cheater, always a cheater. Nobody needs to deal with all the unnecessary stress that comes with a relationship without trust.

If you want to be in a relationship, look for a guy whom you can be comfortable with. Also consider whether that person makes you happy. Relationships tend to last longer when both people are happy with each other. It shouldn’t be a one-sided happiness too; if you’re happy and your boyfriend is not then it’s not fair to him. If you’re currently in a relationship but you no longer feel the same way for your partner; or you no longer love him the way you did when you were starting out, then I guess it’s best to end the relationship early on.

I’m glad that I always had my mom to listen to me whenever I felt down or upset because of a boy. Once I came home crying because a guy I liked just dumped me, my mom told me “You deserve someone better, honey”. She said that I deserved a guy who could make me smile and keep me happy. He’s out there somewhere, I need only wait.

Slumber Party at Annie’s

Friday couldn’t come soon enough and when the bell rung to indicate class was over, everybody in the room let out a big scream of relief. It was a madhouse—everyone was rushing outside and our poor English teacher couldn’t do a thing. Lilly, Annie and I didn’t want to be crushed among the stampede of students waiting to get out of the room so we stayed behind for 5 minutes or so. We also had to freshen up coz we didn’t want to go out looking so tired and stressed out. We were pretty excited about today because we were gonna have a slumber party over at Annie’s. It’ll be a fun night and we’ll be staying up to talk about boys, make-up and whatever silly things we could think about. I couldn’t wait!

Mom and Dad already gave permission for me to sleep over at Annie’s so I didn’t need to worry about my parents looking for me. I brought my PJs with me along with a few DVDs (we’re gonna stay up and watch movies!) some make up (to practice with each other) and a few junk food (coz we like to live dangerously, LOL).

Annie’s parents were at home and sweetly welcomed Lilly and me. Her parents had prepared dinner for us and the sight of food at the table just made us hungry—they had barbecued burger patties, hotdogs, corn-on-the cob, mashed potatoes and green salad. It looked exactly like what my mom would serve on barbecue parties at home. The food was delicious and I loved everything especially the barbecued burger and hotdogs. I had to ask Annie’s dad if he cooked those on a stove-top grill because I didn’t see any barbecue grill or pit in their backyard. He just laughed and said they had bought an electric smoker a few months ago so he could solve the problem of not having an outdoor barbecue grill.

The confusion must have registered on my face so Annie had to provide an explanation to me.

Electric food smokers Ellie, they’re like traditional smokers only they run on electricity” Annie said. Like Duh! That was such a silly explanation but nonetheless it did clear things up for me. You see, we had a smoker in our backyard, dad had it built specially for smoking meat—bacon, pork ribs, chicken and such. So the idea of an electric smoker seemed pretty new to me.

“Why don’t you show her our smoker, hunny” Annie’s mom said. So Annie, Lilly and I went to their kitchen and I saw the mysterious electric smoker.

“Dad bought a vertical electric smoker because it saves more space compared to the other type.”  I could only gush about how lovely it looks. It’s small and can be placed indoors! How amazing is that? I bet my mom and dad would love something like that!

Annie said they bought their electric smoker online and should my mom and dad be interested in one, all they had to do was to visit this website here.  I might just show that to mom and dad when I get home. They know how much I love barbecues and I bet my dad would love to show off his cooking skills to his drinking buddies.

The slumber party went well. Annie thought it would be a good idea to do makeovers so the three of us took turns prettifying each other. I did Annie’s nails while she dyed Lilly’s hair and plucked her brows. Lilly did my nails and the three of us put on seaweed mask that I got from my mom.

We planned to have another slumber party by the end of the month, and next time it’ll be at my place.

Confessions of a K-Pop Addict

I have a confession to make. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. So, here it is…I love KPOP.

One night, I forced myself to listen to 2ne1’s song “Fire” on YouTube…and I absolutely loved it! After that, I listened to one more song until I ended up listening to songs of other Kpop artists like Bigbang, SNSD, CNBlue, EXO as well. I have joined the Dark Side!

I listened to more Kpop songs the next day. I especially loved 2ne1 despite their weird outfits. They’re so gilry and yet “badass” at the same time. Also, loath as I am to admit, I now totally get my friend’s huge love for Bigbang. I mean, gosh I never thought Asian guys could look hot like them. Eeeeek! (Please excuse my spazzing).

I guess my newfound Kpop addiction did not escape the attention of my parents. They’re so used to me jamming along with their Beatles music that my newfound love for Kpop just seems weird or out of character for them. It even came to a point where I had to explain all about it to my dad.

Dad: What’s that ching-chong music you’ve been listening to lately? (I swear he’s not being racist, it’s just how the song sounds to him, I guess).

Me: Dad, it’s not ching-chong music, it’s Kpop.

I was laughing while trying to explain Kpop to my dad. I won’t pretend that I know a lot about it since I’ve been listening to it only for a few days but my dad seemed to show interest while I was explaining things to him. I even had him listen to some of the songs. As someone who has spent a large part of his life listening to Beatles and rock music, it’s hard for my dad to easily warm up to Kpop. He and my mom made fun of most of the Kpop songs they listened to and were pretty obnoxious about it.  They were like “What are they wearing?” or “Why do they look like that?” “Why do the men look so girly?” and so on (I could hear my pre-Kpop loving self in them).

I think it’s still a bit hard for my parents to love Kpop mainly because it’s not the kind of music they grew up with. Westerners usually have to go through a big wall before they can genuinely enjoy Kpop music. My parents may not like Kpop, for now, the same way I do, but I’m glad they support my Kpop addiction. Haha! Dad said “I can handle your Kpop addiction, at least you’re not hooked on drugs” Thanks for the support, dad! Haha!

I’m quite choosy with the kind of music I listen to. I mostly prefer old songs, like those from the Beatles era. But that doesn’t mean I don‘t listen to modern songs too. As I said, I’m really just picky when it comes to music. However, listening to Kpop music surprised me. For someone who has passionately criticized Kpop, I never thought I’d enjoy it as much as I do now. I guess I have to thank my friend for this? Haha.

I hope more people can enjoy Kpop. I hope even those who hate it take time to listen to it. They’ll see that it’s not at all “crappy music”. Also, there are a lot of good looking kpop singers too look out for and even obsess on. So, it’s not entirely a bad thing, right?

If you’re already a Kpop fan, what Kpop groups do you listen to? What were your first thoughts on Kpop music as well?